Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year- 2010!

New Year's Eve we planned a big night of snacks and sparkling juice. I had already planned on making a gingerbread cake (YUM w/ cream cheese frosting) so it worked out well that Rowan decided that day was Kitty's birthday- apparently he turned "almost 2." Kitty wanted a red cake (cause that's his favorite color), but he was ok w/ just red icing since the cake I was making was brown. He was nice enough to pose by the cake, but did not want candles or us to sing to him... I guess he's a little shy.

Rowan decided the next day that he was "just kidding" and it hadn't been kitty's birthday after all! HaHa!!

Eli was very excited to try the sparkling grape juice, he gets this excited about anything we give him in a cup without a lid so he really didn't know what he was getting in to

He did enjoy dipping his pretzels in it- even if he didn't want to drink it.

He was not as in to the hats as Rowan....

(after staring at this photo for quite a while, wondering why Eli looks so awful, I finally realized that this was when he had pink eye, and obviously I got him at the right angle to show it off!)

Rowan was crazy for the sparkling juice and the hats, I think he stayed up until 10:30- the party kind of gets ruined when they interrupt Ryan Seacrest for the news!


Shelly said...

So cute! Love the hats, looks like you guys had fun!

Anonymous said...

aww! Rowan looks like he had so much fun!!