Thursday, January 14, 2010

Safety In The Car

Next week I am taking the Child Passenger Safety Technichian class. It's something I've wanted to do for quite a while and they finally have a class I can attend- I'm really excited about it! (I might be a little dorky, but whatever...)

Today I came a cross this great post on car seat safety, written by Megan at Our Little Footprints. I think it's a definte must read for everyone with kids in car seats. She covers all the basic important information- did you know kids shouldn't be wearing their big bulky winter coats in car seats? She's also got some great links on her blog to video's on car seat safety (like extended rear facing).

The last paragraph was my favorite part of the post so I just had to repost it (w/ her permission of course):

To be frank, probably too frank, laziness and ignorance are crappy reasons for kids to be
unsafe in the car. There is excellent information on the safest way to secure your child in
the car that can be easily found and acted upon. Opting to ignore that information or be
too lazy to take a few extra steps to protect your child simply boggles the mind and may
cost your child her/his life, spinal cord, brain function or general health.

Did you know that something like 80% of car seats are installed WRONG!!?? How sure are you that your child's is installed right?

I'm sure after I take the (4 day) class you'll hear a lot more from me on this, so get use to it, or stop reading :) and if you need any car seat help after next week feel free to ask me for help- assuming I pass the test and all!

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