Monday, January 28, 2008

3 days...

The sonogram is Thursday and I feel llike this week is going to go very slowly until then. I am having some major hip pain today from being on my feet all day- when I feel like that I really can't believe that I am only in my 20th week!!! My baby bump has definetly popped out in the last week, kind of exciting. So I put Rowan to bed early so I could lay in bed and relax, and I am enjoying it!!

I still have no strong feelings one way or the other on whether this baby is a boy or girl, sometimes i feel maybe it's a girl, and then stop myself cause I really don't want to be disappointed. Not that I wouldn't be happy if we have another boy, of course we would.

Tomorrow I meet with the doula I am very excited, I just hope it's not going to cost too much!!

Rowan is finally over his cold, it was a pretty bad one and he only went to daycare once last week.

Well hopefully I'll have news next time I post and sonogram pics- I wonder if I can get a 3-D one?

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