Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sunday we went to our first Illini baseball game! Mike really wants to take the boys to a Cubs and Cardinals game but we know they aren't ready so we decided to do a college game. We ended up not taking Eli because of how he'd been earlier in the day :/ but the rest of us had a lot of fun!
They had free food so we ate lunch there. They had free face painting and balloon animals too! Rowan paid attention to the game aperture well but not as mush as mike wanted ( he has high expectations though ;))
Rowan really likes playing baseball ( practiced started this week!) so we are hoping he'll like watching it too. We're planning to go back with Eli too. Since the games are free there's no reason not to!
Silas was great ( as always!) he sat in the stroller for a lot of it!

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