Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1st Bath

Getting ready for the bath- he is obviously excited!!

In the water- no reaction.
Getting washed, no reaction.

Getting rinsed off, no reaction.

Getting dried off, is that a faint smile!!


Looseyfur said...

LOL. I love these photos of Eli. But mostly I love the photo of you holding him up. You know how some people at work have "phone voice?" That candy coated sweet tone?

We're gonna call that face your Rachel Photo Face. But I am going to assume it's your "Clark Kent" disguise, since you're handling a newborn and a toddler you're clearly my superhero!

Quigs78 said...


Eli looks so much like Rowan in that last picture (of him in the towel)...

You two make cute babies!!

Mommy Schiff said...

Wow! What a great reaction for a first bath. He seems like a nice laid back baby.

JB screamed bloody murder through his whole entire first bath and then when I got him out he pooped all over me and his towel and then felt much better :-)