Monday, July 28, 2008

Update with out pictures

I have a bunch of pictures to put up, but I can not find either one of my cords to hook up the camera.

Eli is now 1 month old, I really can't believe how quick it's gone. He's doing great, and we have his 1 month appt. Thursday so we'll see how much he weighs. He has developed a lovely case of baby acne, but most of it is on his head (covered by hair) so not too noticeable. He still has his hair, although I think it is a little thinner and lighter. He sleeps pretty well and I am hoping for longer stretches at night, right now it's anywhere from 2-5hrs. in a row, I like the 5, but have only actually seen that maybe 1 time. He is smiling more, and has laughed a couple times, I almost cried when he laughed at me- it was the cutest thing I've ever heard!!

Rowan's head is healed, we are now using mederma to minimize the scar, but I don't think it'll be too bad. We still make him wear band-aids to keep it out of the sun.

We finally got moving early enough to make it to the Farmer's Market Saturday and got lots of yummy fruit. I wore Eli in the baby sling and he slept through it all, it was great. Although I realized i didn't have a hat to keep the sun off his face, so we went to Old Navy and found a super cute one (I do have pics)!

We've been using my mom's laptop for months since ours just decided to stop working one day. Half the time her's doesn't registered that it is plugged in so it never holds a charge, and it will just go dead usually with very little notice. It makes it hard to do anything on the computer, other than just read. So I can still read blogs, but it's hard to leave comments. I really want a new laptop, or desktop, but I know that we should probably look into getting our's fixed before just buying a new one. But sometimes you just want nice new stuff, right? So if anyone local knows somewhere I should look into, or if you can maybe fix it- let me know. I'm going to keep looking for one to buy, it would be nice to have 2 in case Mike wants to take one to school, and he will need to write his thesis this year, and that might cut into my internet time!

Sunday we went to clinton to celebrate my aunt's 60th birthday. We had a good time, Rowan loves playing with his cousins. Everyone loved holding Eli, and I enjoyed eating lots of good food with two hands!!


Quigs78 said...

I can't wait to see pictures! Can you believe you've been a mother of two for a month already? :)

We were at the FM on Saturday, too! Sorry we missed you!

Anonymous said...

haha oh goodness i hope mikes thesis doesnt cut into your internet time!! lol..