Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Easier with Two?

Mike and I have been surprised at how much easier it seems to be this time, even though there are two boys, it's not nearly as hard as we thought it would be. I don't know if Eli is just a better baby, or we know what we are doing this time, or the fact that I feel so much better than I did after having Rowan. Rowan has been a little crazy lately, but he is great with Eli, he went back to daycare today so hopefully whne he gets back into his normal routine he will calm down a bit!
Last week Eli had his first check-up. He checked out perfect! He had lost a lot and had a little dehydration so we had to go into the breastfeeding clinic the day before, but my milk came in and he is eating great now (and constantly!). He was 7lbs 12oz at the Dr. appointment, up 2oz from the day before at the clinic. We had to take Rowan to the appt. since his daycare was closed. We were already to leave, Eli in the seat and walking out the door of the exam room, when Rowan goes running back into the room, trips over his feet and falls hitting his head on the top of the plastic trashcan. He's screaming, Mike picks him up and blood is gushing from his forehead. He had a pretty big gash right above his eyebrow. Luckily we were at the Dr.'s. She was able to close it with Dermabond, rather than stitches, but I think it will take a while to heal. Until then Rowan has a big bandage on his head, but it does keep him from messing with it. i was quite freaked out, and realized I don't handle situations like that very well, at least not when there is blood gushing from my baby's head!

Eli is a pretty good sleeper, and falls right back to sleep after nusing at night. I'm still pretty tired so usually take a nap during the day with him, but I still feel really good most of the time. I am going to assume that I feel so good because I didn't end up with drugs or an episiotomy, since after Rowan's birth it was weeks before I did anything, or felt somewhat normal at all. I feel like we should get out so I can show off Eli, I would love to take Rowan to see his friends (who he hasn't seen in months), but I don't think I am quite ready to venture out with both of them alone! Someday!


Mommy Schiff said...

Poor Rowan! But he is sporting that bandage quite nicely.

Your children are so adorable! I'm happy to hear you're doing so well. What great pictures. I hope to see you all soon ;-)

Quigs78 said...

LOVE the pics! The boys look absolutely adorable!

Take your time going out and don't do it until you're ready! I was one of those people that had to go out as soon as I could because I hate being at home. But I started out with short trips and made sure everyone was fed and napped.

But make sure you take care of yourself in there, too! Don't overdo it because you feel good - you just popped that baby out a week and a half ago! :)

libbygirl said...

They totally look alike except for the hair. Was Rowan's dark when he was born? Sounds like things are going well!! I am so happy for you guys.

~rachel~ said...

mommyschiff- The dr. told Rowan it was his pirate patch, he gets scared when he sees it in the mirror- w/o bandage!

quigs- I know you're right, I think Mike is forgetting I just had a baby too, I don't feel as pampered as I should :) because I feel so good. but I know when I do too much i get pretty tired. wewent to steakn' shake yesterday and I was terrified Eli would wake up and I'd have to try and nurse him in a booth w/ everyone staring at me- luckily he slept and I enjoyed my milkshake!!

libbygirl- I need to post both of their hospital pics- we did the same outfit and he totally looks like Rowan. Rowan had hair but it wasn't as dark as Eli's. Eli is pretty hairy he has side burns and dark hair on his back, arms, legs, and forehead it's so funny!

Looseyfur said...

Eeks Rowan! You're right that at least it happened at the doctors. But I'm glad the boys are lovin' each other so much. They all look adorable!

Anonymous said...

awwww he's wearing my outfit :)