Monday, June 15, 2009

How Old is This Kid?

Oh Eli, my sweet, smiley, super cute almost one year old is going to make me crazy. Recently Freak passed down some outside play stuff to us (Thanks Freak!!), a swingset and a climbing cube with a slide. At first Eli would try to climb up the slide, of course he is only 11.5months so he barely moved up and then slid back down. He thought it was hilarious and I was able to sit back and enjoy watching him safely play (from the comfort of my swing). So last night we're watching him again and all the sudden he just keeps going at first he gets like half way up, but it didn't take him long to figure out how to get to the very top. Of course once you're up there and go in the cube it is a ledge, that he could fall off of- so no more relaxing for me outside! After the slide fun he decided to climb the kiddie picnic table....stay tuned I'm sure there will be more!

See the diaper falling off? I was actually trying pins so he could go w/o a cover- the pins SUCKED, I obviously couldn't do it right. Thank goodness for Snappi!

All the way up, the next time Rowan wasn't sitting there.

going down


Anonymous said...

i really like the new picture of the 3 boys on the side :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel, those pictures are hilarious(and really adorable!)
Eli is pretty sharp!figuring things out(and of course, w/ big brother to learn from too...)
I sure wish they'd have had those snappi diapers when my kids were little-I hated the pins.
Grandma Joan

Anonymous said...

looks like fun, love the pixs A.Paula

Anonymous said...

oh boy !! there he goes ! That is so cute !! Mom

Quigs78 said...

Baby butts make me laugh! :P