Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Last weekend my mom and I took the boys down to visit my sister, since she lives close to St. Louis we decided to go to the zoo- the FREE zoo!! The boys had a great time, even though it was like a million degrees outside. Rowan got soaking wet in a waterfall pretty early and he actually felt pretty cool most of the day just from being wet. I'll try not to bore you with pictures of the animals, cause really I'm sure you all know what an elephant looks like right?

My mom, my sister, and my kids

Abby and Rowan

Rowan in a tunnel

Eli underwater- kind of

Eli naps!!

Eli LOVED the primate house he was going crazy pointing and screaming, I think I got a video I'll have to post later.

Eli made a friend- and guess what his name was?? You're right it was Eli!! Actually Elijah, but they call him Eli.

Notice how the giraffe is looking at the camera!


Anonymous said...

looks like a great but HOT day. Luv the pixs A.P.

Quigs78 said...

Too cute! I still can't believe how big Eli is. Madness!

Anonymous said...

eli was so adorable in the primate house! miss them already...but i'll see you guys soon!