Thursday, June 4, 2009


We are finally getting food from the garden (ok it is early June, but I have been really wanting something fresh). Unfortunately someone else- possibly the birds..- are also excited about our strawberries, so we are now picking them when they are half ripe, hoping they will ripen up and we can enjoy them. They actually taste really good like this so we shouldn't really have to wait to eat them.
We are also getting sugar snap peas! We love these so much they never make it inside or to an actual meal, we usually just pick them and eat right off the vine. We are really hoping to not waste any of our garden food this year. It gets hard, we get busy, its hot, and we just don't pick stuff for a few days and then go out to find a bunch of rotten tomatoes, but hopefully not this year. We will either eat it, freeze it, or give it away.

Earlier tonight I went to some garage sales with my mom and got somne great deals. I made myself a little goal this year to try and not buy the boys any new clothes this year, so I'm trying to get stuff for now and winter at garage sales (In case you're interested I do not think I have bought any new clothes for them so far this year..).

One of the sales we went to looked my boys' closets- there was a lot of clothes that we owned in different sizes or colors!
I spent $24 total and got:
Rowan- 2 shirts
- 1 pair Spiderman croc like shoes
Eli -5 shirts(including 1 super cute sweater)
-1 pair of jeans
-2 pairs of shorts
-1 set of pj's
Me-(I hardly ever shop for myself) **all for only $4!!!
-2 sweaters
-3 shirts
-1 pair of jeans
-1 pair of pants
Mike- ( I NEVER buy Mike anything)
- 1 shirt (ok so that's still not much...)

I am so excited, I tend to be pretty picky at garage sales, because I think the stuff really should be DIRT cheap, I mean it is used! A lot of the boys clothes I got are Gap, Old navy, and Children's Place- which I don't really care about, but that shows me how much they actually cost.

Oh and the big thing we got- Rowan's 1st bike!! We were planning on getting one for his birthday, and we'd tried one out at the store. I thought it would be great if we could actually find one at a sale, but didn't really think it would happen. One of the first ones we went to had this bike for $10- it's in great condition. The only problem is that it's a Winnie the Pooh bike (I hate Winnie the Pooh), but its Tigger and I can live with Tigger. There is not a picture of Pooh, and I think only one of Tigger (it just says Tigger), but it is orange and that is Rowan's 2nd favorite color so I think we did pretty good! And we found a helmet for 25cents at the next sale we went to. And in case you're wondering the $24 I spent was including the bike- pretty good!!
Of course the last sale we stopped at had a bike the same size for $6- damn!! Oh well I figure a new bike and helmet probably would have cost $45-55 at least so I think we did pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Great bargins ! Lot's of fun ! Nothing better than a town sale ! Mom

Anonymous said...

aww rowan will be so excited!

Anonymous said...

He saw it already Abby !! He was with us when she bought it ! He loves it. Mom

Anonymous said...

I bet Rowan does like his new bike! Can't believe he's going to be 4!
The garden stuff is wonderful! We are getting so many pea pods so i am going to go pick a bunch to take to work today at noon. David tilled a new bed(actually made the othe one smaller and put some manure and straw in it) for strawberry plants. The ones at 115 J. are huge so that is the plants we're going to transplant.
You got some fantastic rummage bargains, Rachel!Grandma joan