Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boy's Room Ideas

Lately I've been super annoyed with how messy the boy's room is.  They have so many crappy toys that they barely play with (but apparently they have no problem throwing them on the floor for no reason?!)  One day Mike helped them clean and his way was to bring in a giant rubbermaid container and throw most of the toys in it.  It's awful! But I don't have anything else.  I'm thinking about letting them each pick a few (thinking 5?) toys and everything else will "go away." This doesn't include "sets" like legos, train tracks, Lincoln logs...we'll keep all those things but the other stuff I'll put away for a bit and see what happens.

If you remember I switched their room to the bigger office a few months ago- find it here . And now I'm ready to switch it up a little more.  Eli hardly ever (and by that I mean never) sleeps in his bed, he is always in Rowan's.  SO I am thinking of putting Eli's bed in Silas's room and moving a small white table we have in there back in where Eli's bed is.  I'd love for them to have an area where they can do craft stuff and also have a place for legos.  SO that's what I've been thinking of doing lately (I'll probably try it out this weekend!

The boys both loved this idea (although Rowan was hoping Eli would sleep in Silas's room (ha!) but now I'm thinking this will just be a temporary fix. The table is pretty small, so at first I was thinking about getting another to put next to it so they'd have more room.  Then I started thinking about how Rowan will be turning 8 (what!!?!!) this summer and he will soon be getting too big to sit at one of those tiny tables for very long and be comfortable.  Then I started thinking maybe we'd get them a desk! I know Rowan would love to have a desk! And I imagine Eli would throw a fit if he didn't have one so I found one on IKEA's website that would be big enough for both of them (and cheap!)

My next thought is bunk beds. I've always kind of been against bunk beds.  They scare me.... BUT, I slept on them and never fell off and Rowan is kind of obsessed with safety rules (you should have heard hil flipping out the one time he had to ride in the front seatdue to car issues with our main car "but there's an airbag" "kids under 12 aren't supposed to sit with the airbag.." seriously. the.whole.time.) So I don't think we'll have to worry about him jumping off and we'll probably just make it off limits to ELi or try.  Of course I'll be pretty picky about what kind we'll get (or Mike will build) the railing will have to cover the whole side, except for the ladder opening, and be decent height, also it will not be super tall.  I'm thinking maybe even having Eli's bed practically on the floor (if we don't try to build it using the bed Rowan has now.)  I do see the practicality of them though- the boys need more room in there and soon Eli won't be able to fit in the toddler bed he's sleeping in so we'll have to do something...

So, today I decided to play around with photoshop to get some ideas for their room :)
I had waaaayyyyy too much fun with this (expect a living room one shortly ;)

I LOVE this desk it was maybe $70 so I don't see Mike being against it, unless he can build it cheaper, but I like that there's two drawers! Eli helped me look at stuff at first and he said he liked the red chair and wanted white for Rowan.  We'll see about that, I wish they had green (why do they have to change colors!?). If we end up with the flag bedding or curtains maybe we could do red...Rowan's bedding now is the green and blue dots (that's his bed in the pic) I love it so we'll be keeping that! I don't know about the flags bedding but just pulled it up for an idea.  We'll have to get something since we have no other twin bed size bedding.  Since we will most likely be ripping up their carpet soon (woohoo wood floors!) I want to get a rug.  I didn't see anything I actually loved on the IKEA site but I saw the green one in a living room pic on their site and kind of liked it- we'll have to see what the actual color looks like though...the circles are cut out on the sides and it looks kind of neat.  Eli picked the black rug (obviously we would only get one rug.) I kind of like it.  I'll have to do some measuring to see what size we'd need anyway.  I'm also thinking a shelf above the desk tohold art supplies!
oh, and the backgrouns color is just one I put one here.  I was trying for a more gray color. Their room is an off white color and we will not be painting it.  We still want to move so nothing major besides furniture stuff will happen (at least in their room) and of course taking out the carpet...

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