Friday, September 7, 2012

Ch Ch Changes!

A few weeks ago I got the brilliant idea to move Rowan and Eli to the " office/ sewing/ craft room" aka the JUNK room! Mike wasn't too excited about this at all ( he just loves it when I come up with this stuff! ;)

The office room is bigger than their bedroom and has a lot of stuff in it, and none of it gets used. It's the room where we put everything that doesn't have a place. But if it doesn't have a place we probably don't need it! It's gotten so bad lately because it's not a priority so I never clean it ( new baby remember?). Once the desktop computer stopped working nobody had a reason to go in there and when I see I just bring the machine to the dining room table. So I finally convinced him that by switching stuff around we can actually use all the space in our house!

This is their old room. Small but cute.

I love the blue but painting the new room just isn't going to work right now.

Here are the before and afters in the new room. I swear it wasn't always this messy ;)

We all love it!

They have so much more floor space so they can actually play in their room instead of the living room! Rowan has actually been reading all the books on the bookshelf too- on his own!

The closet is nice too. The old room had a small closet and not enough room for a dresser so Rowan had the closet and Eli's clothes were in a dresser in our room ( that he now shared with Silas). I'm still not putting a dresser in there so they have more room but the big closet and drawer containers are perfect! The cubbies hanging on the middle are where we put school clothes for the week. Pick it out on Sunday and then we don't have to worry about it!

Silas will have their old room and the desk is now in our room and Goodwill got a whole bunch of stuff! Now if I can get the other rooms organized my dining room can look normal again!

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Looseyfur said...

Awesome work lady! Now the big question is -- where in the world did all the stuff go?