Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Open House (s)

Rowan and Eli both had their open houses for school last week. Luckily they were on different nights!

Eli's was on Tuesday and he was so excited to show us his room. I think he was surprised to see so many people there and was shy at first!

We even played on the playground for a bit! He was so proud and it was so cute every time he'd say hi to one of his friends.

Rowan's was on Thursday. He took charge leading us through the halls and showing us where everything is. Talking to his friends and random people in the halls...

Eli loved seeing Rowan's room too!

His teacher said he's doing great! And commented on how Rowan sometimes likes to argue but he likes that he actually talks unlike some kids. I was glad to hear that he is still himself at school. Rowan has his own thoughts and strong opinions about things. As annoying as it can be its a big part of him and I'd hate to see him change that because of where he is - school.

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