Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12 weeks

Last Friday Silas turned 12 weeks! Which means if I had a real job I most likely would have went back to work yesterday. So glad I don't have a real job!

I'd much rather spend my days holding this boy

Especially since I know how quickly they grow.

Saturday we went to Homer Lake for the 2nd weekend in a row so the kids could play at the Natural Playscape. It's great, they love it and of course spent the whole time playing in the creek area.

The point of this place is for kids to just play. No brightly colored plastic jungle gym. It's rocks and water and branches. You know real things. There was an obnoxious controlling dad there who was telling his son exactly what to do and when. Clearly he doesn't get the point... Rowan can usually be found carrying handfuls of sand and rocks to the top to make a damn.

There's a new cupcake shop in Homer I had been wanting to try so we stopped and picked up a few things to have after our picnic lunch. So good!

I hope we have a lot more nice weekends left so we can enjoy being outside!

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