Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 Months

Didn't I just blog that he turned 2 months??

18lbs 8 oz in a onesie and a diaper!

Silas has been congested lately - thanks Eli!- finally broke out the humidifier and that seems to be helping.

He's been pretty in to chewing on his hands and slobbering a lot! Hoping no teeth pop out for awhile.

He's leaning forward ( above) when I sit him against something. No rolling yet though. I really don't remember when those things happen anyway...

He kicks his legs a lot, especially when he's in the bouncy seat.

He thinks his brothers are hilarious and loves it when we yell at them ;)

He's getting more into toys and loves trying to grab things. Rowan and Eli get excited when he holds onto anything.

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