Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boys Room update!

It's done! Well until we get/build bunk beds and get/ build a desk. But for now the room is much less cluttered! For now I just took the toys out but we'll see what happens to them. I'm hoping this will decrease the fighting too. New rule is if they fight over a toy they lose it for 4 days!

I'm blogging from my phone and the blogger app doesn't let you put the pics in the post with words so I can't actually describe each pic but they're pretty self-explanatory. ( side note, I had a different app to blog with that I loved but it started having problems so I deleted to reinstall and update - I have a new apple id so had to do that- but it's not free anymore :(. I rarely ever will pay for an app so I'm using this one but it sucks so I might just have to breakdown and spend $1.99...)

Anyway, I took out Eli's bed and brought in the two tables. The tall one I put the fabric on to cover the cords for our Internet and router ( I'll dewrinkle it soon). On that table I put Rowan's tool box filled with plastic cups to hold art supplies ( probably get something more permanent eventually). That table is where they can keep their lego creations. There won't be much room so they won't keep every little thing they build...

The rest of the room basically just got cleaned up. They had random Legos all over the bookshelf that I picked up. The giant Rubbermaid container was stuffed full of toys and that's what we took out! I was going to let them each pick 5 toys to keep but they weren't acting very good this morning so I didn't give them a choice!

The green toy box under the table holds all the toys! ( except for train tracks, Lincoln logs and costumes that are all under the bed and hexbugs and Legos by the lamp table) I kept the play food, two of those echo microphones, and a few other toys that I decided were ok. We also have blocks and a box of small cars. No more random crappy toys especially ones from happy meals! :)

As soon as the art stuff was out they sat at the table and started drawing! Yes!! Success! :)

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