Monday, January 7, 2013


We don't really do the whole resolution thing, but we usually make a list of things we'd like to accomplish or do more of this year, mine are usually things like- read more, sew/knit more.  We talked about it with the boys On New Year's Day to see what their ideas were for some new goals.

Our most important goal for this year is to buy a minivan!! This WILL happen, hopefully very soon!

Some of Rowan's:
-Eat healthier meals and snacks (I mentioned eating healthy and he took it from there!)
-Use everything wisely/ make the world a better place (seriously how awesome is this kid?)

 -Save money (for a minivan) cook and grill at home (we do..) and don't go to the grocery store (this will be hard... ;)
-Only eat candy every 3rd Sunday (he later changed it to every 10 Sundays but we told him 3 was pretty good :)
Some of Eli's:
-Only give Silas HIS toys (not Rowan and Eli's toys)
-Thursday night have taco's every week
-Clean our room more

 I never get tired of seeing those blue eyes in the middle of the brown!
 I want to enjoy our house more! Since we are trying to sell it I don't think we've been enjoying our time here like we should.  We do love this house, we just know this isn't where we want to be forever, and need to appreciate it more....We need to stop thinking "well, when we move we'll...." this is where we are now we need to enjoy it!


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Anonymous said...

Ahh their resolutions are so cute! I'm so proud of Rowan-what other kid his age would come up with resolutions like that? :)
p.s. I loved Eli's wanting to eat tacos every week...clearly he has his priorities straight ;) haha