Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Whining

I'm trying to play with photoshop more.  Clearly I don't know what I'm doing...
I used to love when the week got closer to Friday, because that meant the weekend was almost here! Lately, I find myself dreading the weekend. Rowan and Eli fight so much! WHY!?!? It's awful. They fight about anything and everything, I bet they've even fought about what to fight about. I don't get it. Last weekend we got up early Saturday morning and went to a pancake breakfast at Rowan's school. It was fun and the kids were good! Later we went to the park and ate Subway, by this time Rowan was mad about something and having little tantrums every few minutes. He lost his dessert so that led to more complaining. Mike made sushi for supper and bought them a neat (but weird) dessert from the Asian grocery store. That wasn't good enough and there was a lot of complaining by Eli- of course not till he had finished the dessert! So frustrating. We signed the boys up for Saturday Art School at the University so hopefully regularly getting out of the house will help with the fighting on the weekends...hopefully!  Is it spring yet?

Last night Rowan had an hour long meltdown. He was crying so hard we thought he might get sick, or a hernia or something! Over what? I made him a word search (by hand) with his spelling words for next week.  I through in a few extra words- Mom, Dad, Silas and Eli- thinking he would be excited to find those words in there.  Oh no! Apparently he was worried that when he took his test his teacher would say a word that sounded like one of those extra words and he would get confused and write down the wrong word and it would all be my fault for putting those words on there.  WHAT!? That doesn't even make sense to me but he could not be reasoned with.  I told him to just not find those words then, but aparentl;y that could not be done! He wanted me to make a new one and I said no.  He seriously went on about it forever! During dinner he said the worst part of the day was when "Mommy becamse my arch enemy" haha at least it ended in a laugh from me.

Eli continues to find things to whine about daily.  His first fit usually happens when he realizes I'm not going to let him watch tv after school. He is horrible when he gets to watch tv and wants to watch hours of it not just one show and then whines non-stop cause I tell him no.

Mike is working late two nights a week this semester.  It's only been two nights but I'm kind of reminded of what it was like when he was in grad school and Eli was a baby.  It shouldn't be too bad though and I can get away with not making "real" meals for dinner if it's just the kids.  Dinner time is already really hard because Silas almost always wants to nurse and/or be held.  If he could just nap during that time it'd be a lot easier! Of course, if I actually got it together and made dinner earlier and just warmed it up that would make everything easier.  But I'm not that smart ;)

Silas is as awesome as ever.  Can a 6 month old not be? He's still not really into food so we just offer it to him every few days to see if he wants it.  It is kind of easier not having to worry about feeding him food or having something ready for him (since we don't do jarred baby food) and since we are going with the BLW thing I haven't even made any pureed foods to freeze like I usually would.  When we do give him food I usually mash up some of whatever I'm giving him and try to fed him a bit but he really doesn't like or want it.  I think he's just got enough going on to worry about food right now! He gets around like crazy! Not crawling yet but he's up on his hands and knees a lot and can pull himslef around with his arms! All legos and other small toys have been banned from the living room because of how much he's moving.  Eventually when he's really crawling I'll just put a baby gate at the door to Rowan and Eli's room and everything small will stay in there.

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Mommy's my arch enemy!! hahhaha oh Rowan he just cracks me up so much!