Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Silas is 7 months!

Another month, another "Wow, I can't believe he is __ months old!" I know I say it every month, but it is crazy how quickly the time goes! Silas is all over the place now. STill not officially crawling, but he rolls, scoots, and does anything he can to get around. he tries to pull up on stuff that is lower to the ground and gets up on his knees. I've even seen him up on his knees with his hands up on the wall!

Of course, with all this movement comes some frustration because he can't do everything he wants to do. If he drops a toy and it rolls away from him he wants to be able to get it right then but he can't. He gets very mad! He also wants everything- phones, remotes...- and when we move them so he can't get them (or god-forbid take them away from him!) he gets so mad and screams and cries! It's kind of cute ;) He has a grip though- this baby is strong!
He loves to blow raspberries with his mouth! He babbles and does the "dadada" thing.  He is still in love with his big brothers.  He gets so excited when they get home and give him attention.  Eli calls him Cutie but says it like "cootie" Its pretty cute.  He'll come home and say "where's my cootie boy?"

We have two plastic baskets we keep under the bench in the living room with all the baby safe toys and Silas loves to sit on the floor next to a basket and take toys out.  He gets really excited when he dumps the basket and then turns it over! The other day he was banging a toy on the upside down basket laughing up a storm and then he smacked his other hand with the toy and immediately started crying :(  He also loves to stand! He can't do it on his own but when we stand him up he loves it!

He's still not really in to food yet.  He did suck on some pear for quite a while during breakfast yesterday.  Tonight I'm going to steam it and see what he thinks.  He still nurses and I've ben trying to teach him to sign "milk" I think he's done it a few times, or maybe he just realized he can open and close his hand...

He has been doing better with going to bed and staying asleep longer at night.  Naps are so sporadic though, some days he'll nap for 20minutes some 2-3 hours.  I won't complain too much as long as he sleeps better at night! He hardly ever falls asleep in the car anymore.  He tries to stay in a sitting up position where he leans his head forward the whole time.  Makes me tired just looking at him!
Just the other day he learned to put himself in a sitting position when he's been "crawling" around.  He'd been pretty close but kept having issues with one leg. We all love watching him discvover new things.  Rowan thinks everything he does is so fascinating, it;s cute and fun to watch him too :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Silas is such a cutie! or cootie! ;) I love how in love the boys are with him :)