Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh croup!

It's been a long weekend!

Saturday night was the worst and Eli and I were up a lot! In and out of the steamy bathroom. Sunday he was pretty good during the day and the only time we had to run the shower was after he woke up from a nap. Every time he woke up it was the same - he'd start coughing, couldn't breathe very well, would start crying cause he was scared and then it would get worse. It was so scary for all of us! You'd think it would get easier to see him like that but it didn't. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes after we were in the bathroom and leaving the steam to the cool house would finish helping.

I tried taking him outside in the cool air a few times but that made him mad! Steam worked better for him. Last night we did the shower at 11:30pm and that was it got the night! He still woke up quite a few times coughing a little but it wasn't nearly as barky sounding and didn't last. He's acting pretty good today. I'm hoping at least by Wednesday he can go back to school ( fevers been gone since Saturday).

I've been sleeping on the couch since this started. Silas starts in the crib and then always comes in our bed. We tried to get Eli to sleep with Mike but he wanted me so Silas and I slept on one end of the couch and Eli at the other. I'd sleep with Eli to hold him until Silas would wake up and want to nurse then I'd go back. It has not been very comfy for me! I'm really hoping he can go back to his room tonight! I'd love to sleep in my bed :)

He still has a pretty raspy voice and looks like he doesn't feel well but hopefully tonight is another good one!

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