Monday, February 11, 2013

Go Silas

It happens so quickly. One minute they just learn to roll over and the next they are crawling. Fast!

Silas started officially crawling last week and within a few days of doing that he started to pull up on everything. The living room has been rearranged to keep him from going where he shouldn't. Upside down laundry basket placed between the ottomans to block the entertainment system. Large Rubbermaid container to block access to the exercise bike and lamp. Oh, I forgot how fun these times are.

Of course, every time he hits a new milestone comes some fussiness. My thoughts are that he's frustrated. He's so excited to stand up but ones he gets there nothing happens. He wants to move. To walk, maybe? Hopefully that doesn't happen for a while ...

For now we make barricades randomly through the house and make sure we close all doors and make sure the floors stay clean!
He has been taking great naps though so at least that's nice :)

Rowan and Eli naively thought they could build with blocks on the couch so Silas couldn't get it. Hahahaha (that was Silas laughing at them!

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