Sunday, February 24, 2013

8 Months!!

 8 months! I can't believe he'll be 1 in just 4 months! I have a friend who had a baby the other day so seeing pics of her tiny newborn makes me even sadder when I think about how quickly he's growing.  I know that's the whole point. but I do miss it already!
Silas is having fun exploring the house now that he is crawling.  He knows the doors we keep closed and he bolts towards them the minute they are opened or the baby gates are down.  For the most part he has a lot of area that he is free to explore and it's safe for him so I let him.
 He stands up everywhere he can, he's still pretty wobbly but he doesn't care.  I've also noticed he stands on his tip-toes a lot.  I don't remember the other boys doing this.... hopefully it doesn't cause problems later. 
He's still not that into solids.  He nurses great though! We kind of took a break from trying baby-led weaning, because it just doesn't seem to work for him right now.  We are still trying purees, and his usual reaction is usually some kind of "this is gross" face and gagging.  I'm just hoping he's a late bloomer and there's not some kind of actual sensory issue we'll have to work with.  We usually try every few days to offer something to see if he becomes more interested.  The things he's actually seemed to like so far were broth and juice from a grapefruit! And both those were just liquids so there wasn't really a texture for him to deal with.  I also bought one of those mesh holder things and let him have blueberries in it. He seemed to like that a lot too!

He sleeps great at night but naps come and go... lately he's been having a few days of crapy naps and then a few of really good naps.  He hardly ever naps on the weekend (most likely from the extreme lodness of his brothers! Hopefully the nice weather will change that- since they'll be outside more).  He usually takes his best naps on days we have somewhere to be ;) He hardly ever will fall asleep in the car.  It's almost crazy how he fights to stay awake in there, hopefully when I get him a new seat (for our van!) he'll sleep better.

He's still really into his brothers. They make him laugh and now he enjoys destroying things they build with blocks ;) He's pretty good at entertaining himself. We have a few baskets with his toys in them in the living room and he likes to sit and discover all the toys, and then dump them out of course!

 He is so happy! And usually smiles anytime someone talks to him! He says "dadada and mamama" although I don't think he does that on purpose though... He just learned to clap but doesn't do it on demand yet.  He also signs "milk"! I find it adorable! He doesn't do it all the time but when he does it is clear he wants to nurse.  He even put his hand in my face and did it the other day!

I just noticed this morning that his 2 bottom front teeth are starting to poke through! I can see the tiny holes starting.  Maybe that's contributing to the lack of naps? He doesn't seem to be too fussy from it at least not yet, lets hope that conitnues!  He's been wearing an amber necklace on his ankle for a few months so hopefully that'll help.  I know it helps with the drooling!
Happy 8 months baby boy!!

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