Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Eli woke up so excited for today! He's not usually a morning person so this was really nice! I made pancakes last night for supper ( with the maple syrup Mike cooked down last weekend!) so for breakfast they each had a leftover pancake and I made an egg in a cookie cutter so it was heart shaped!

I helped with Rowan's class party this afternoon and I planned the games. Rowan helped me pick some Minute to Win It style games. The favorite was Face the Cookie. Where we put a cookie on their forehead and they had to get it to their mouth without using their hands. We had their teacher try it first! They loved that! Some kids would give up pretty quick and just eat the cookie, others would keep trying over and over...I think one kid might have spent almost 10 minutes trying to get it and he finally did! :)

Eli loved being in Rowan's class! I think he really feels like one of the big kids when he's there. Silas was awesome as usual. Just sat in the stroller most of the time and then a friend of mine who works there came in and held him for a while so he was happy. All the kids rushed up to see him when we came in :)

I had to wake Silas up from his nap to go to the party.

One of the games we thought about doing was eating a donut off a string. Rowan really wanted to do it but I realized it wouldn't work so we just kept the donuts. We tried it last night to see how it'd be and they loved it so I told him we'd do it tonight. So after dinner Mike and I held the strings for the boys and then they held them for Mike and I. Eli held mikes and got a little crazy with it! :)

Tomorrow Rowan gets out early so we might go in town for lunch and to play. This weekend Rowan gets to go with Mike and I get to hang out at home with the little ones. Should be fun :)

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