Monday, February 4, 2013

What Now?!

Last week practically everything possible went wrong with our cars. We had to spend about $500 that we really didn't have on Mike's car only to have them tell us it'll need another $500 very soon. We'll know when it stops holding coolant. We assume we'll be ok until we get our tax return at least. Right? Guess what started leaking 3 days later?!

We got a new ( used) tire for my car because the radials were starting to show and it has to last until we get a van after we get our tax return. But because of the other issues with that car ( hello heater!) I'm trying not to drive it much. But when mikes car started leaking we decided he'd just start driving my car and I just wouldn't leave the house. Ever. Great plan, right?

Silas had a cold this weekend. Nothing too terrible, nursed less because he was stuffy, had to hold him most of the night so he was propped. Not that big of a deal.

Then last night at 4 am. He coughed. Not just any cough. The "sounds like a barking seal cough". It was a quick one but I knew as soon as I heard that sound. Croup. Ugh. I can't believe it's back. I can't believe I have to listen to my sweet baby go through that. At least with Eli he understood when we'd talk to him during a coughing fit. But Silas won't understand. I know the 2nd and 3rd nights are typically the worse. I'm not sure if last night even counts as the first. If Eli hasn't just had it I probably wouldn't have even thought much of that cough. It's gotten worse during the day and he's coughed a little but not too much. I am so hoping he doesn't have it as bad as Eli did. He doesn't have a fever so that's a plus.
His " voice" is getting raspy and when he laughs or cries you can tell he has it. The nurse said if he gets a fever or other symptoms to bring him in but otherwise it's viral so we'll just do what we did before.

Of course, once I knew he was sick I didn't want to be stuck without a car so we took mike to work this morning and we'll pick him up tonight. I'll probably do it again tomorrow too and maybe Wednesday because I just can't be here without a car with a sick kid. I'm already anticipating a sleepless night. Lets hope I'm wrong!

We got a new used tire

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Aww he's looking so big sitting up like that! :)