Saturday, February 9, 2013


This morning started nice and early when we headed to art class for Rowan and Eli. I don't enjoy that we have to be in town by 9 am but they are loving this class!

During the class Mike and I went to Target with Silas so I could get the things I needed for the games I'm doing for Rowan's Valentines day party at school. It sure is nice to run errands with only one kid! Especially when that kid is a baby who can't ask for things ;)

After class was over we went out for lunch and then to the store so the boys could pick out their Valentines for school. There wasn't a big variety but they had no problem finding ones they liked. When we were leaving I realized just how good the boys had been at lunch and the store. They didn't even ask for anything at the store. I really hope we've turned a corner and it'll be less stressful going out with them from now on!

Since it's maple syrup season Mike went to his parents house this afternoon to cook down the sap he's been collecting this week. Rowan didn't really want to go so we decided Eli would go and spend the night and Rowan would stay with me. Next week he'll go back to cook more down and Rowan will go with him and Eli will stay home. It's been quit relaxing to not have to hear them fight tonight! Rowan even helped me clean the living room, cook supper ( he was so excited that I let him turn on the burner!), and clean up the kitchen! I made us a special cookie-in-a-bowl for a treat and we are watching the Smurfs movie! Lucky me gets to watch it again next week with Eli ;)

We even spent sometime outside this afternoon when it was so nice! I can't wait for spring!

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