Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sticker Charts Rock!!

Rowan stopped napping a few months ago, it's something he (and I) desperately need but it is kind of hard to MAKE him fall asleep. For a while I would still make him go to his bed but all he would do was scream and kick the wall. Then I had him lay on the couch and watch a movie but that still doesn't give me a break from him. Well the other day I finally figured out what to do- a sticker chart. It worked great for him for potty training so it makes sense that it'll work for this. I decided to start out with a time limit- 20 minutes spent in bed QUIETLY (he can read books) and he would get a sticker. We call this his "rest time" using the word "nap" seemed to upset him- go figure, 3 year olds-. When he fills the chart he gets to play with the train table at the library (his choice). Brilliant!! It works great and today he actually fell asleep!! Now if only this would work for Eli!

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Quigs78 said...

You are a genius! You should write a book for the rest of us.