Monday, December 8, 2008

Food, Music and Fun

Last week we put up the Christmas tree. Rowan helped me decorate- and by decorate I mean took off every ornament to "play" with it. Eli doesn't seem to care about it, I keep waiting for him to roll underneath it and pull something. Not that we would ever leave him unsupervised or anything like that!

I love the look on Eli's face here

Rowan has been graciously (most of the time) sharing his keyboard- Eli LOVES it.
And I love that it is so freaking LOUD!!

Eli started solids last week. Something we finally decided to do. We didn't start Rowan until he was about 6.5months. Why wait? I know a lot of people start earlier, but here are some reasons to wait. I also had a lot of allergies when I was young, so it's good to be safe and hope we can avoid that. Eli has been going crazy practically begging to eat and even "chewing" at us when we eat. Here are some other ways to tell if baby is ready to start solids. He is pretty close to all of those "criteria."
Eli's first food was avocado. Are you thinking baby's first food is supposed to be rice cereal? Really have you seen that stuff? Would you eat it? :) Well I won't eat it so I won'y give it to my babies. Besides any excuse to buy an avocado I'll take, they are definetly one of my favorite foods!

1st bite

thinking about it..

uh no, that was pretty gross

He's eaten like one bite every day this week and finally Saturday seemed a little more into it, he's also had sweet potatoes- and in case you're wondering we made ourselves. Ok Mike made it, but I reheated the sweet potatoes he froze.


Anonymous said...

yay eli!! he definately doesnt look like he's enjoying it too much

Quigs78 said...

I love avocados - if by avocados, you mean guacamole. And sweet potatoes are great, too - if they have brown sugar and marshmallows. You see where I'm going with this? :P

I love the picture of the boys and the tree! Seeing everyone's kids is starting to get me into the holiday spirit. And that's a huge feat.

Harley Quinn said...

Wow! Your tree looks awesome!!

JB has a keyboard similar to that and WW also loved it when she was little. Does it have a volume control? Those things can get ANNOYING after a while. I totally feel your pain.

Yay for solids! Hopefully he won't experience any allergies. I love the Super Baby Food book since it tells you month by month what foods to introduce.

~rachel~ said...

HQ- it does have volume, but it shuts itself off after like a minute of not being used and then goes right back to the highest volume every time!