Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cookies: Day 1

Today was our first day of cookie baking!!

First up were these Spicy Lemon Crescents- they have mini m&m's. I wasn't sure about them, but wanted to try something different- they are actually pretty good.

Then we just did the basic sugar cut out cookie, Rowan got to cut out the shapes-

We ran out of time to decorate so will finish tomorrow, we have all the typical holiday ones- star, tree, bell

and of course the Christmas bunny and chicken!


Quigs78 said...


LOVE the Christmas bunny and chicken! At Meijer, in the outdoor holiday section, they have a lighted pig and dinosaur with Santa hats - so why not a bunny and chicken?

Harley Quinn said...

Wow! What good helpers you have! Eli looks so grown up sitting there in his highchair.

BTW I still have the exersaucer if you want it.

Anonymous said...

my favorite- christmas bunnies and chikc ! I bet rowan is a big help. He looks like he was having fun !