Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cookies: Day 2

Mike and Rowan decorating the ones we made yesterday, I'm pretty sure Mike gets WAY more into this than Rowan!
Hard at work, Rowan couldn't even take a break to look at the camera

Some of the finished sugar cookies

Coconut Macaroons, some dipped in chocolate-
I don't ever remember being a big fan of these but they are my favorite this year (so far)
they are delicious!!

Mexican Chocolate Macaroons- with an almond on top
drizzled with chocolate

and Eli looking cute practicing with his new cup


Anonymous said...

aww eli looks so cute and grown up holding his cup :))

Harley Quinn said...

Wow the cookies look so festive and yummy!!

Quigs78 said...

Yum! I only eat macaroons with chocolate - but everything is better dipped in chocolate. :)

And of course Mike is more into it - it's like edible art!