Monday, March 3, 2008

Week 24

Wow I really can't believe we are already at week 24!! I had an appointment with the doctor last week, they were talking about insulin since I had some high numbers, but aftre me telling them several times that I had been sick and not careful with my diet they said I could have more time. Of course the Dr. still thinks I will have to go on it eventually, but I will try to prove her wrong! My sugars have been fine this past week, so hopefully they will stay that way. Although we did get our girl scout cookies today :)

The baby is moving like crazy!! I swear I feel him all the time, Rowan never moved like this. Mike and I lay in bed watching my belly move around at night. My stomach has really been growing lately and I am definetly feeling it in my hips.

Yesterday it was 60 out and today we are suppose to be getting a snowstorm- we are ready for spring! Although, I would be ok with another snow day! Rowan is making all these plans for "when it's warm outside!" I think he is ready too. He knows he will have a new brother when it gets to be summer, but I don't think he quite gets what that means yet.

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Anonymous said...

rach i am so excited to see how big you are getting!!! i will see you next week! and rowan is so cute talking about "when it gets warm outside" lol awwww i miss him so much!!!