Monday, March 10, 2008

Movies, ice cream, and pregnancy

Rowan's latest obsession has been ice cream cones, Mike bought these mini cones and he loves them! They are tiny but he still feels like he is getting a nice treat! Of course he asks for them all the time, first thing in the morning he says he wants them for breakfast, he wants them for snacks, desserts, and pretty much any time of the day- he doesn't get them that often quite that often though!

My mom and I took Rowan to see his first movie this weekend. Surf's Up was playing at the free matinee. He loves penguins so I thought it would be a good one for him. He did pretty well up till the intermission, he sat on my lap and we all shared a big bucket of popcorn. After taking a bathroom break during intermission I tries to take him back in and he really didn't want to go, he said that the movie was "too loud!" So we left, and I didn't get to see how the movie ended! I thought he did pretty good for sitting for a whole hour- he hardly ever sits for a 20min. cartoon, so I wasn't really surprised that he couldn't sit for a whole movie. he kept asking when we would go back after we got home, maybe we'll try again in a few weeks- after all they are FREE!!

I have been having a lot of hip pain lately, so today I decided to try out my prenatal yoga dvd. I didn't really feel bettre after, but maybe if I actually do it more often it will help. Rowan excercised with me and was really into it for a little while- I will have to get some pics of him doing downward facing dog! We are in our 25th week now! WOW! I think I am huge now, the lasy pics I took were last week, but I am probably not that much bigger this week.

Me at 4 weeks pregnant, and 24 weeks, it's hard to see with the light shirt, but I couldn't find the dark one.

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Anonymous said...

WOW. that is a big difference in your pictures lol...altho i was expecting you to be bigger haha.