Monday, March 24, 2008

Chicago- Day 1

We took the train up Thursday morning- I forgot to take pics of Rowan on the way up- he was very excited to ride the train. He had a few little fits on the train, but did pretty well- especially since we had several delays and ended up being on the train for over 4 hours- a long time for a 2.5 year old to sit, especially since he can barely sit to watch a 20 min. cartoon!!

We FINALLY got to Chicago and Rowan was getting cranky and we were all hungry, we ate at the Union Station food court and then walked to the hotel. It was a pretty nice day and i put Rowan in the carrier on my back, which he really liked cause he could look up at all the big buildings!

Mike and Rowan taking a break on the walk to the hotel.

Rowan loved the hotel- especially the window, and spent most of the time right in front of it, looking outside at the water, buses, cars and people.

After finally deciding Rowan wasn't going to take a nap, we headed towards Navy Pier to check out the Children's Museum. It was the free night, so it was of course packed with kids. Rowan had a blast and loved checking out the exhibits.

Learning how to put on seatbelts, and playing in the tunnel of mirrors!

Driving Daddy in the truck, and putting gas in the car!

After playing at the museum we were all hungry so we just decided to eat at a restaurant in the building, it was almost 8pm and Rowan was pretty tired since he hadn't napped. He started dozing at the table in the highchair, but still kept eating his french fries and chicken!

Rowan woke back up, and we headed back to the hotel- in a taxi, Rowan thought this was very cool!! Probably because it was the only time he's gotten to ride in a car without a carseat!

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Anonymous said...

hahah all the pictures were freakin adorable...esp the ones where rowan was falling asleep and still eatin better put up more! oh an i love the mommys baby thing you put on here its so cool!