Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chicago- Day 2

Our second day we got up grabbed some breakfast and took the bus to the aquarium, it was snowing a little, but not as much as the news had said. Rowan really like the aquarium- especially the penguins and the dolphin show- which he actually sat for!

Rowan trying to look in an aquarium.

In awe of the penguins!
After spending several hours there we left to go to the hotel- it was snowing a lot by then, and the aquarium actually was closing early from the snow. We took the bus back and Rowan fell asleep during the ride, of course he woke up as soon as we got off the bus. We lounged at the hotel for a few hours, and then ordered a stuffed pizza- it was YUMMY!! We decided to head out after supper to find some ice cream for Rowan. We rented a baby carrier to use with Rowan so we didn't have to carry him or mess with a stroller, it really worked out great, and didn't hurt my back at all. Rowan doing his favorite thing- playing in front of the window, w/ his new school bus!

Rowan in the "Big, Giant Bed"

Heading out for ice cream!

Finally got to eat some ice cream!

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Anonymous said...

aaaahhh the pictures are so cute!!! lol and that is a really good one w/ the 3 of you guys =)