Monday, March 31, 2008

My baby's sick :(

I went to pick Rowan up from daycare today and he was just waking up from his nap and ended up having a temp of 103!! Actually a "normal" temp for him but I still hate to see him sick. We were planning on going to playgroup and he was quite dissapointed about not getting to see his friends. He spent all evening laying on my lap, although he was in a good mood most of the time- he talked and sang to the baby a lot!! His fever went down after a bath and some medicine, but went back up by bedtime so we will be staying home tomorrow. If it stays up I'll probably see about taking him in to make sure it's not his ears, since it usually is when his temp gets high like this.

We bought a lot of baby clothes yesterday at the Carter store, they had a big sale and I got some great deals and stuff the baby can wear next winter- hopefully!! Rowan got some new shoes and sunglasses.

I've been feeling pretty good about avoiding sugar and haven't felt like my blood sugar has been high. I haven't tried to eat the fruited yogurts we have cause I think they may have too much sugar and make me feel sick. My new "treat" (that Rowan loves too!) is plain organic yogurt with sliced banana and a drizzle of lite chocolate syrup- it's pretty good, and I feel like I'm getting chocolate- Rowan thinks it's like an ice cream sundae!! I also found some natural granola bars with dark chocolate chunks, they have sugar added but not much and I feel fine after eating them. Wow what an exciting life we live!!! Jealous?? :)

It was in the 60's today, but of course rained ALL DAY! The rest of the week will be colder, I'm beginning to think we will NEVER have a real spring. I keep telling Rowan we will do this or that as soon as it's warm out, but it never happens! He's probably not going to listen to anything I say anymore. I knitted a washcloth for the baby. I was determined to make something that wasn't a wascloth or scarf, but I am doubting I can do it. Since I told myself I couldn't buy anymore yarn until I made something new, I started a hat for Rowan and worked on it for about 2 weeks. I havn't done any knitting since, until this weekend! Guess I'll just stick to my washcloths- I figure I will save us thousands of dollars!! ;)

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Anonymous said...

i miss rowan =( i was picturing him laying in your lap singing to the baby and it made me laugh lol, he is so sweet. and you should put a pic up of him and his new sunglasses lol