Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting ready for kindergarten!!

Yesterday our school had kindergarten orientation for the kids who will be in kindergarten next year. Eli was so excited! We met in the new gym/lunch room where we got some handouts and each kid got a book!
We then went on a walk around the school to find all the rooms that they'll use next year. They got stickers and marked it off on their list when we found it. We also got to spend some time in the two kindergarten rooms. One of them even had a baby chick!

After our tour we went back to the lunchroom and the kids got to practice going through the lunch line! They carried a tray and got to pick a milk and then got a cookie! ( Eli later said that he thought the chocolate milk hurt his tummy and he'd have white next time. I've thought for a while that he might have some dairy issues so we're going to see if we can pinpoint it this summer before he starts being offered milk daily. He's never in his life had that much milk every day so I don't think it'd be good for him. But I'm sure I'll have to find an alternative so he's not upset that everyone else gets milk daily :/)

But he loved the experience. I think he's most excited about getting to eat lunch at school! He already knows several of the kids from preschool so he's happy about that!

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