Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun Day!

Yesterday was Rowan's last full day of 2nd grade! It is also what his school calls Fun Day!! Fun Day is a day full of different activity stations that the PTC puts on every year. It's fun ( obviously) but also so exhausting. I volunteered for the day and was assigned to Rowan's class and boy was I ready for a drink at the end of the day ( or by lunch time ;)). Teachers really are saints. You kind of forget about all they deal with... I don't think I could handle more than a couple days a year of this. I would not be able to keep my cool at all.

It was fun though. They have a dunking station where the kids got to dunk their teacher! Some different inflatables, relay races, sack races, a photo booth! (My favorite!), kickball, ice cream from local ice cream spot! There was lots of kids arguing and fighting over the most ridiculous things ( seriously, why?!?) but most of it was fun. I loved seeing Rowan with his friends even if he was weird and annoying ;)

Eli goes till the end of this week and then they're home for the summer. :/

Pics of both boys on their first and last day of school this year. It's official, they're growing up!

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