Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bunk Beds!

We finally got the boys bunk beds! The frame was from the beds Mike slept on as a kid that had been stored in his parents barn.  The slats for the beds were missing so Mike had to rebuild that but that wasn't too bad. We mixed the blue color from Silas's room (Rowan's old room) with some of the aquarom my room because we didn';t have quite enough.  Mike did the building and I did all the painting.  I love how it turned out! I painted the slats under Rowan's bed different colors so Eli has something cool to look at. I also finished their picture wall.  i've been trying to do it for a montha dn finally got it finished.  The pictures in frames can easily be swapped out (one is empty in the pic but now has an Eli painting in it) Some of the art is from their art class ( big pic top left-Eli. bottom right- rowan {it's a collage of Silas (well a baby) walking across the Grand Canyon!}, the start Rowan made too).
Mike's next project- assigned by me- is to build them a desk.  That'll go where the two tables are behind the fan.  I want it big enough for them both to sit at and think it'll be good to use for homework, lego building, art...and it has to be taller because these boys are growing up!
THey love the bunk beds!

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