Thursday, May 9, 2013


A few weeks ago we had some friends over for dinner and when they were leaving ( at 9pm) we walked outside with them and were "attacked" by a cat. He was very beat up, his eye looked horrible and he had several other obvious wounds. He was trying to get really close to us and meowing like crazy. I know I screamed and told the kids not to touch him ( seriously cats can have weird diseases right?). He was not a pretty site. We went in and didn't see him for a few days.

Then he came back ( ironically when we were leaving to go to the same friends house..strange!) we quickly got in the van and left. He was still here when we got home. He still looked rough but then I started to feel bad for him. We tried to ignore him hoping he's go away but when that didn't work we decided to give in and feed him. The kids were still scared of him ( thanks to me) and would run screaming when he tried to get close to them- that was a little funny! I convinced them that he's fine and he just wants some love and food and they quickly fell in love with him.

They named him Freddie and after a few days of feeding him off a paper plate we even gave him real dishes ( Spider-Man bowls my mom bought at the dollar tree- I won't let my kids eat off them but am ok with the cat..). We made him a little bed and moved our benches together so he'd have some more shelter when it rains.

He looks so much better and has fattened up a lot! ( we feed him several times a day since he was pretty malnourished looking). He even got a little bath after Eli rubbed mud on him ( no joke. I don't know what's wrong with that kid) he sat still while mike dumped water on him. He's really calm and friendly. He's climbed our tree a few times and I kind of think he does it to hide from other animals cause he's scared and only does it at night or when we're gone.

Rowan loves holding him ( since I'm allergic we have strict hand washing and clothes changing rules..) but I think mike is the most attached to him.

His other wounds healed nice but his eye still doesn't look good. It was looking better and the other day I could even see the iris (? Is that the colored part?) but now it's looking worse again. I'm hoping its just part of the healing process but it really doesn't look good. I wish we had money to take him to the vet but we just don't right now...he doesn't seem to be in pain though and he eats great so hopefully that'll keep him happy!

Hopefully he sticks around. I know we'd all be pretty sad if he left! ( and yes even I per him! I just scrub my hands and make sure he doesn't touch my clothes!)

I purposefully avoided a good pic of his bad eye. Trust me, it'd not pretty!

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Anonymous said...

Awww! Reminds me of Grandma and Grandpa's cat...why can't I remember his name?!