Tuesday, March 26, 2013

9 Months!

Oh Silas! Nine months already?! This boy, those dimples, those blue eyes, none of us can get enough of him.  It feels like he was born yesterday, or he's been with us forever.  It's hard to put it remember.  We all try to soak him up, Mike and I the most, knowing how quickly they grow up....
Silas has been sick this month.  It started as a cold, turned into a cough and then breathing treatments.  The weather doesn't help but hopefully soon spring will be here and he'll get over it! He does great with the berathing treatments and usually sits still as long as we sing to him.  He had his 9 month appointment and weighed 24lbs 1oz!! Slowed down on the weight gain- I think his thighs are already not as chunky :(

He loves to clap {"yeah!"} and wave! He says "mama" "dada" and other sounds. Occasionally I think he might even say those words correctly and not just a coincidence ;)
Today Eli would scream (happily but loud) and Silas would do it back! Pretty funny!  Mike was off work for spring break the last week and Silas loved having so much time with Daddy!

He crawls and walks along furniture.  He is loving pushing things (ottomon, chairs) across the new wood floor and he's stood without holding onto things a few times - really quick.  He's no longer scared of crawling on the grass!

He's getting 4 teeth! Top two and bottom two in the front middle.  The bottom ones are mostly up and one of the top is still trying to cut through all the way.  He's been a little fussier and clingy but he's also been sick so not sure if it's teething or not.  I still need to get some teething tablets to see if they help. Of course he loves to chew on everything- including our fingers! He thinks feet are pretty neat- and apparently tasty?- especially his brothers! Eeeww!

He's still not that into food, aside from nursing.  He really enjoys grapefruit juice (from a grapefruit not canned) and broth so we are going to try ad really water down his food to see if that'll get him to eat more.  he also likes to suck on the mesh pouch with food in it- apple, pear, cantalope, blueberries... I'm not too worried about it, he'll usually eat a few bites and then just decide he's done, since he's clearly happy, healthy and growing.

Sleep is hit or miss with him, well naps.  He sleeps great at night usually. After not taking  a nap outside of my arms for a week, he took  a 3 hour nap one day when I wasn't here! I put him down and then left him with Mike and he slept the whole time! It's like he knew...

He's such a happy boy! He really does light up when Rowan and Eli get home.  He LOVES his brothers! I can't wait to watch them grow together even more!

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Anonymous said...

This whole post made me smile so much! :) I cannot wait to see how much he's changed this weekend!