Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Whole 30- Week 1

Mike and I decided to try a Whole30 this month. ( more info http://whole9life.com/ ). It's basically a really strict paleo diet. No grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol for 30 days. I'm really excited about it. I've thought for a while that some grains kind of bother me and when we slowly add them back in I'm going I'll figure it out.

Mike wasn't too excited at first but he's come around ;) he's working a part time job a few nights a week right now so we've decided he can have bread for sandwiches on those nights, since he basically has 10 minutes to eat in the car between jobs...

It's a pretty popular " diet" right now. I've seen it on several blogs and Instagram ( where I get great meal ideas!). Most people seem to not include their kids on it. Not really sure why, but my kids will be doing it. I'm not taking time to make separate meals and I'm not going to make them food that I can't eat! A few exceptions - they get cheese till we run out and they'll get yogurt. I'm not monitoring their school food so they'll get snack and milk there as well. I'd love to have Eli completely off grains though because I think he may have some issues as well. But I think it'd be too hard for now. Maybe we'll do it again in the summer when I have more control?!

I told the kids it was our " super healthy eating month!" Mainly cause I don't want them saying " diet". We're trying to talk more about what we can eat than what we can't. I am lucky that our kids are such good eaters! At the store the other day Eli begged for Brussels sprouts! How do you say no to that? ;)

I had been slowly cutting out foods over the past few weeks ( we decided to not start this till Mike was done with maple syrup). But this weekend we stayed at his parents to cook the maple sap and we ate awful! We both gained 2lbs!! In one weekend!! So I'm hoping I don't have too much of the detox feelings after that!

I'm going to try and blog my meals and how I'm feeling everyday. I'll probably use this post so I don't have 30 posts... I originally thought I'd take pics of our food, but that really hasn't crossed my mind when I sit down so I'll probably forget. ( I got yesterday's breakfast though).

Day 1 (Monday March 11)
Breakfast- skillet eggs with spinach, avocado, pear. Coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch- salad with chicken and olives. Banana

Snacks- Lara balls, cashews

Dinner- meatballs with homemade spag sauce, applesauce.

This really doesn't sound like a lot , maybe I'm forgetting something? But I wasn't hungry much between meals. I've been doing skillet eggs with spinach for the past few weeks and love them! Mike and I each get 2 eggs. I put the spinach in the pan and eggs on top cover and cook. I'm still working on timing ( mike likes his runny and I overlook a lot :/). It's crazy how full I am after this. I used to have 2 eggs and half a piece of toast and I'd be starving in an hour! Now I'm usually good until lunch. And I'm still nursing! We make Lara bars but I roll them into balls instead. So good! I'm sure you aren't " supposed " to have a lot of those on whole30,but I need easy snacks for the kids and they don't really like nuts plain so we eat these!
Day 2 ( Tuesday march 12)

Breakfast- skillet eggs with spinach, 1/2 orange and 1/2 banana

Lunch- salad with chicken, hard boiled egg, vinegrette dressing and olives. Frozen banana and coconut milk smoothie

Dinner- round steak cooked with diced tomatoes and mashed sweet pot with cinnamon.

Snacks- Lara ball, 1/2 a real Lara bar, banana with almond butter.

I was craving sweets - hence the snacks! Really need to get to aldis to stock up on veggies but Silas was fussy and we didn't get out. Oh well. It was still a good day!
Day 3- Wednesday march 13

Breakfast- skillet eggs with spinach, banana, coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch- homemade chili, green and yellow pepper sticks

Dinner- chili and applesauce

Snacks- pear, banana with almond butter, hatdboiled egg, orange

I should really try and blog before Bed because I can hardly remember what I ate the next day! I do like that I'm not obsessing about what I can or can not eat. Like I would be if I was doing WW's or something. Day 2 and 3 usually are supposed to be pretty crappy- headaches, cravings... I guess cutting back the last few weeks helped because I feel really good! I didn't really feel tired yesterday like I usually do at some point during the day.
I'm not really enjoying my coffee like I usually do. We'd been drinking it with cream for quite a while. I might look into the coconut milk creamer recipe to see how that is. Mike is taking his black. Mike said he felt great yesterday and had so much energy at work! Yeah! I'm glad because he was pretty sceptical about it all.
The kids are doing great! Eli had a bit of a meltdown yesterday when he remembered graham crackers are grains but he quickly got over it. We've also been not watching tv because Eli acts awful when he watches tv. So I guess I'm trying to detox them off that as well.

Day 4 Thursday march 14

Breakfast- eggs with kale and onions, bacon and coffee with coconut milk

Lunch- giant salad with bacon, hard boiled egg, olives, green pepper, avocado, and avocado dressing. 1/2 apple

Dinner- pork loin stuffed with pesto, zucchini and apples. Pear. Coffee with coconut milk

Today's been rough! Not the diet just the kids. Mike made the supper last night so I just had to bake it. Since Silas was fussy and barely napped all. Day. Long. I was really glad dinner was easy! Mike starts spring break tomorrow and I am really glad to have him home more! We've been using coconut milk in a carton for coffee but we decided to open a can for our coffee tonight and it is so much better. Just what I needed after this day! Mike has been feeling great still and even admitted maybe the not drinking beer is helping that! (: I feel alright but I know it's because of how the kids have been and not related to food. I made the boys a " milkshake" for snack with frozen bananas, coconut milk and cocoa powder I had a taste it was pretty good and they loved it!
Day 5 Friday march 15
Breakfast- skillet eggs with spinach and pear. Coffee with coconut milk

Lunch- chili with avocado

Supper- pork shoulder and green beans

Snack- Lara balls, cantaloupe, ....

I'm sure I smacked more but can't remember. It was a looonngg day! I didn't feel the greatest and had a slight headache earlier BUT we ripped up the carpet in our living room and I'm sure the dust and crap from that didn't help. The floor looks great and we are exhausted! I think we are both feeling good about the diet but today was rough. I saw a commercial last night for Steak n Shake and was really surprised that I didn't have an automatic craving for it. I really haven't had any the last few days! And for someone totally in love with sweets that's big! I also haven't had any restless leg syndrome in the past few days. I had it when I was pregnant with Silas ( and Eli) and usually it goes away after the baby's born( it did after Eli) I don't have it very often but some nights I do have it but none this week! I also haven't noticed any random stomach pain after eating!
Day 6 Saturday march 16
Breakfast- omelet, pear and cantaloupe, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch- salad with pork, avocado, olives and coconut banana smoothie

Dinner- salmon salad on lettuce with veggies and relish.

Snacks- blueberry muffin Lara bar- yum!

We ran errands this morning and planned
to buy Lara bars at target instead of me making some last night. I wanted to make sure we had snacks so we wouldn't go off our plan. I brought an apple for the boys and they each got to pick a Lara bar at target. I was kind if dissapointed in their selection but am really glad we bought the blueberry kind. It is so good! Tasted just like a nutrigrain bar! I could totally see myself eating too much of them. But we'll keep them just for snacks when we're out.
Supper was so good. Mike made tuna salad and mixed in avocado. Yum! We will be having that again for sure!

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