Thursday, March 7, 2013

My New Love!

This didn't publish last week... Trying again.


Today we picked up our minivan. We told the boys we couldn't get it for 2 weeks so that they'd be surprised! Rowan got out early today so he got home before Eli. The bus drops him at the end of the block and I stood out there to tape him (so mike could see their reaction). He got about halfway down the street and started screaming " the minivan! We have the minivan!" It was pretty fun!

Eli was excited too but when he saw it he thought someone was visiting us :). Then he realized it was ours and was so excited. Then I told them we were going to get lunch and go to the indoor park ( we had to go for a ride ;)). While I got Silas ready they stood at the window staring at it excitedly. All afternoon they'd ( ok me too) randomly exclaim " I'm so excited we have a minivan!"

It is so nice. We really needed this and omg not only does it have a working heater it has heated seats! I decided its a girl since we have enough boys in this family! And since the color is technically slate green, we're calling her Olive. Strange right? Oh well. I love the name for a girl. But since I'll never have a baby girl I'll use it for my can ;)

We said goodbye to my grandparents car and I found a few things my grandpa had written on when I cleaned it out...

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Anonymous said...

:) Love that you found some of Grandpa's stuff! I'm sure it was hard to decipher what it said ;)