Wednesday, April 1, 2009

True Love- Baby Style

This is Baby.

Eli LOVES Baby!

He gets this goofy-happy look on his face everytime he sees Baby.

He crawls quickly towards Baby everytime he sees her.

Baby makes him happy!

He smothers her with lots of kisses (and chews).

(please ignore the piles of laundry, Eli was helping me fold..)

Sometimes he just loves to hold Baby.

He likes to hold Baby when he crawls.

This is the bus Baby came in.

Sometimes he opens the door and tries to put Baby in it and then gets her right back out again.

This is The Guy, aka "The Driver," Eli likes to play with The Guy too.

Sometimes it's tough to choose between The Guy and Baby.

But he always goes back to Baby again.


Anonymous said...

so true ! I have seen him hold guy when he can't find baby but then drop him as soon as he spots baby across the room !! It is so cute !! mom

Harley Quinn said...

That is adorable!!

makeup_girl said...

This is so funny because Grayson was also in love with "Baby," and he loves his yellow school bus so much! He pushes that thing all over the house!