Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Months

Wow, didn't I just do his 9 month? This month Eli got another cold, he spent a week on breathing treatments (after talking to the doctor) and wasn't getting better so we had to go in. He was put on a steroid (for the breathing treatment) and got better in a few days. his doctor thinks he will probably have some of the allergy/asthma type issues I had as a child, so that pretty much sucks! As for now, we will probably start breathing treatments EVERY time he gets a cold to avoid any other issues.

In other news, he's been great. He LOVES to feed himself, and I have loosened up a lot with letting him try new foods (although no junk or french fries..). Some meals he'll let us feed him, but other times he throws a fit if he's being fed, so meal time is getting quite messy (and I'm hating the idiots who put carpet in my dining room!!).

Still just has the 2 teeth

He can stand alone- quite a bit actually, and has taken 1 step!


Anonymous said...

give the poor kid a french fry!!

~rachel~ said...

Ha! I don't think so, maybe in a few months.

Harley Quinn said...

What about a piece of popcorn? JK!

Wow!! Look at him standing. He is going to be walking soon. Then all hell breaks loose. =)

Anonymous said...

he is getting so big! i cant believe he's standing alone! i miss him so much!

Anonymous said...

Time flies !! it is so hard to believe. I love the pics. also the pic of Rowan in the headband is so precious.mom