Saturday, April 18, 2009

Apple Dumplin- A Review

Last night we went to Apple Dumplin(g?) for dinner. My mom and I had been talking about it and she called and invited us so we decided to check it out. I remembered going there as a child, but it's been 20some years so I really didn't remember it at all.

Mike asked the waitress what kind of fish the White Fish was. She said "I dunno, it's good." He mentioned some kinds of fish and she just kept saying she didn't know, a lot of people get it it, it reminded her of catfish...... I remember her even shrugging her shoulders and saying she had "no idea." Now my only experience working at a restaraunt was at Arby's in high school, but I thought it was common knowledge that if you (as the employee) can't answer the question of a customer YOU GO FIND OUT WHAT THE ANSWER IS!!!! I mean, maybe I'm wrong, but saying "I have no idea" like an idiot, doesn't seem like good business practice.

So we order our food, it was alright, except my mashed potatoes (which I had planned on sharing with Eli) had TONS of pepper on them, I couldn't even eat them, forget giving them to a baby. Eli got to discover his new love for crackers, though!

Then we are finished eating and I look at the check I notice that we got charged for Rowan's chocolate milk, that was suppose to come with his kids meal. I ask the waitress about it and she says "oh the kids meal just comes with pop." What? Now I know a lot of kids do drink pop, not mine, but when I think of a kids drink it's usually juice or milk. The kids menu said- Grilled Cheese, fries, drink- not soft drink, not pop ONLY- it said DRINK. SO why would I assume that chocolate milk is not included. I should also mention that we all ordered water (including for Rowan), and when I ordered his food I said "he would take chocolate milk, I didn't realize his meal came with a drink." So anyway, she did take it off the bill but I really don't see us going there ever again. I give it 2 thumbs down. I think we'll stick to Culver's where the chocolate milk ALWAYS comes with the kids meal!


Harley Quinn said...

That is disappointing.

I agree that a waitress shouldn't be so flippant with a response.

Sorry you had such an awful time.

I've been there before and it didn't WoW me enough to ever go back.

Anonymous said...

well at least my fried chicken was good !! And so was the apple dumpling !! and the company was wonderful !! lol Mom

Jon said...

Well good to know, I had been wanting to try it but Bobbie was hesitant.