Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy -Day After- Halloween!!

I'm having trouble uploading pics so this is all you get. Rowan was Batman once again this year and Eli was a dog or cow, not sure and some people would say dog others cow so we're saying dog/cow. It's the same costume Rowan wore as a baby and I had thought it was a cow (or dog, don't remember) and then someone said what a cute dog (or cow, but you get it by now right?). So now who knows, you decide, either way he's cute :)

We went to a kid party thrown by someone Mike goes to school with it was ok. Then we headed to my mom's and hit the streets for some candy. Later we went to my mom's church where they had a party with lots of games and cookie decorating... It was actually alot of fun (I guess I was expecting them to talk about the evilness of Halloween) and Rowan got to play with his cousins. Today we let Rowan pick out one piece of candy for the next week (I know I'm so mean) and he traded the rest of it. Mike was given some Thomas trains and tracks by someone from school so we finally gave them to him in exchange for most of his candy. Now he doesn't feel like we just took it all from him, he gets new toys and we get candy w/o having Rowan go insane from all the sugar.


Quigs78 said...

So cute!

Good idea with the candy/train swap. My kids don't even realize that they have a huge stash of candy. And it would be a waste to throw it away, so for the good of the landfills, I'll have to eat it. :)

And my vote is dog.

Dawn said...

Hi! I was just looking for moms who've had GD and came across your blog. And since we have about 8 interests in common I thought I would leave a comment. :) I have boys too...4 of them and a little girl due in February.

Good idea with the candy swap. Trick 'r treating really isn't done over here (Wales) so the only candy my boys got was what we bought them. Made it really easy. :)

Come check out my blog if you want. I love getting to know new people.

Harley Quinn said...

Adorable! I love the Halloween Babylegs on Eli.

Must agree, good idea on the candy. We have given JB & WW 2 pieces last night and 1 today. If they're not acting good than no candy for the day. Usually about 3-4 days after Halloween they forget all about the candy anyway.

Anonymous said...

pretty much the cutest baby costume EVER :) and rowan is adorable as usual, even as batman