Sunday, November 30, 2008

5 Months

This month Eli has beem to the doctor twice for his bad cold. He finally got put on breathing treatments and finally seems to be breathing better. He was a little over 18lbs at his appt. last week, although I don't remember exactly what it was.

He can sit up!!

not for very long though, I think he's stayed up for about 30 seconds (once).

He still adores his big brother. The last few days Rowan has started calling him Bubba- not sure where that came from, maybe he spends too much time reading Quigs' blog?

He loves finding his feet, and is very happy to get those bulky cloth diapers off so he can actually reach them!

He doesn't do to bad with his breathing treatments

and has even fallen asleep more than once
they claim the treatments may make children hyper- hhmmm...
must have the opposite effect on already very active children


Quigs78 said...

I love that "Bubba" is contagious!

And babies in neb masks are so sad, but so cute!

Anonymous said...

i miss eli already :(
oh and did you get snow today? lol i saw your new picture at the top of teh snowmen and was wondering bc i heard alot of places up there got snow

Harley Quinn said...

Awww. Can't believe how big Eli is getting! He looks so much older than 5 months in those pictures.

I hope the breathing treatments help get him back to his healthy, active self. =)

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my carseat blog! Your children are adorable!!!

My little one has to have breathing treatments, too. Like yours, she started young, so she tolerates them pretty well. what type of medicine do you use? we started oof with albuterol, but it DID make my daughter hyper. Then we switched to Xopenex, and it has worked wonders for her asthma...without the added hyperactivity.

~rachel~ said...

hey michelle, he's on albuterol just from having a bad cold. hopefully nothing longterm. that's great that you found something that doesn't cause hyperness.