Friday, November 21, 2008

The Bad Kind of Sharing...

You know the kind of sharing that involves the big brother coming home from daycare and smothering his baby brother with hugs and kisses and snot and sneezes. And now Eli's sick, so congested that we took him to Convient Care- somewhere I try to avoid at all costs. His doctor didn't have any openings and we decided he needed to be seen TODAY, so we braved it, and it was great. We didn't wait at all- seriously, we sat down and they called his name maybe 2 minutes later! The doctor was super nice and we were in and out pretty quick, definetly changed my opinion of Convient Care.
Eli was pretty congested and his breathing sounded worse(not like ER visit bad though, nothing scary) today and he was starting to cough. The nurse was surpsised that his oxygen levels were good because of how his breathing sounded. We were given an in office nebulizer treatment, something I remember very well from my own childhood. He actually did really well with it, Rowan seemed a little more freaked out just from watching it. We were sent home with some liquid albuterol and told to get him checked out next week if he's not sounding better. They said he would probably be pretty wired after the neb. treatment, but they were wrong. My little power napper took a 3 hour nap!!!!!! Hopefully he'll sleep as well tonight as he did today.

He still seems pretty happy though and is just as smiley as usual.


Anonymous said...

poor baby :( im glad he's still as smiley and happy as ever tho!

Harley Quinn said...

Adorable baby Eli! You better stay healthy. =)

I've never had to go through those neb treatments but I may ask for some if it helps my kids sleep for 3 hours.