Saturday, November 15, 2008


This week is International Babywearing Week. There really is a week for everything isn't there. Anyway, Steph at Adventures in Babywearing is giving away a new sling from Nonny & Boo to everyone that posts here so I thought I'd enter. The fact that I never win anything always makes me want to keep trying.

I had this black pocket Hot Sling when Rowan was a baby but really didn't use it much, this pic is with Eli in it when he was just a few weeks old. I like to use this sling for quick trips when it's not worth the time to put the Mei Tei on.

This is my Mei Tei from Mei Tai Baby, and I absolutely LOVE it. I don't know how I could live with out it seriously! Sometimes I use the stroller but most of the time i feel a lot better having Eli attatched to me so I have more control over Rowan. It also works great at home when Eli is fussing, if I am trying to cook I just put him on my back and he is instantly happy. Even better most of the time he is instantly asleep, a definite lifesaver when you have a baby who doesn't nap more that 20 minutes at a time.
Of course I'm not the only one in this house that wears my baby, remember Rowan and his bear. Ok so he wore it once, but whatever, it was quickly and crappily made.

Anyone else have a carrier they love? I would love to try new ones, but they are quite expensive.

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Harley Quinn said...

I loved the New Native baby carrier when WW was little. I bought the one made with organic cotton (fancy, I know) and it was like $50. Pretty pricey if you ask me, but WW LOVED IT! It was the only carrier I found that soothed her. Maybe you could find one on Ebay if you're really interested.