Sunday, August 24, 2008

What Happened to my baby, and other ramblings

">Rowan-April17-21,2007 101
See My Teeth

I have been looking through all my old pictures on flickr from when Rowan was younger and it makes me want to cry he was so little- and sweet, and now he's huge and talkes constantly (and not always very nice)!

Side note- for some reason I couldn't sign into my old flickr account because they changed to yahoo, or something and I can't get my old sign in name to work, so I had to start a new account to put new pics up, and just added myself as a friend. I'm still not sure why?

The boys are in bed and I am enjoying the first beer (well full beer) I've had since Eli was born. When Mike and I went on our road trip out west we drank Fat Tire the whole time.Back then you could only buy it west of the Mississippi River so whenever someone would visit from that side of the river we would ask for it. Mainly his brother, who lived in Cape Gireaudo (no idea how to spell it), I mean we aren't just going to insist everyone bring us beer! It was always like a special treat since you couldn't get it everywhere. But now they sell it everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE you can probably get it at Casey's. I still love it, but it seems to lose some of it's appeal now that it's so common. Alright enough rambling, I'm going to enjoy my first beer after baby buzz!!


Quigs78 said...

Yay for beer! ;)

And I went to school in Cape Girardeau! I haven't been back there in 8 years, but I lived there for 4! :)

Mommy Schiff said...

I've never tried Fat Tire beer. I'll have to go to Casey's and give it a try =)