Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To Do, To Do, To Do...

I think that maybe having my internet FINALLY fixed (and new computer that works!) is a bad thing for me. It is so easy to get caught up in what is going on with everyone else than to actually do what needs to be done. Luckily Eli is napping and Rowan is at daycare so I won't be neglecting anyone while I get caught up in the lives of people I don't know (or barely know).

After I'm done here I will....
-Clean the kitchen
-Clean off the dining room table (I hate this table, everything sticks to it!)
-Pay Bills
-Attempt to sew the diaper I bought from here
-Hook up the new printer (and possibly learn to scan something)
-Find a kickass WAH job, that I love and pays great, or an out of the house one with perfect hours, or one that lets me take my baby with me (I'll let you know how this one goes!)
-Laundry- including folding and putting it away when dry
-Pick green beans from the garden for supper- YUM

Maybe if I post this it will encourage me to at least do some of them, , now I'll have to learn how to cross stuff out when i'm done- how do you do that?


libbygirl said...

So how many things did you finish off the list?

~rachel~ said...

um I did all except sew the diaper, oh and find that job!!